Jordan’s Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft 2.0


Last week I posted my first ever Dallas Cowboys mock draft using the draft generator on (which you can find right here I was extremely pleased with the results and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to top them.. Then this happened. Keep reading for the results and breakdown from my Mock Draft 2.0.   1st round, pick 16 – OLB Anthony Barr, UCLA A week ago, I was shocked when Aaron Donald dropped to … Continue reading

5 FF Players to Avoid on Draft Day


  Fantasy football is all about finding value while simultaneously ensuring that your team is strong enough to win games week to week. One thing many players fall prey to is overspending on draft day. This could be do to rankings, performances the year before, or the fear of not having a stud player on your team (among many others). The goal of this article is to highlight five players that are going to be … Continue reading

Should The Cowboys Consider Drafting A Troubled Star?


  Under Jason Garrett, the Dallas Cowboys have taken a “safe” approach to the NFL Draft. They have tended to stay away from “risk-adverse” players and in turn, have drafted more senior, team captain types. Jason Garrett continually says that he is trying to find “The Right Kind of Guys” for this football team. And I have no problem with that. They will often remove players completely off their board if they have any character … Continue reading

Will Your Favorite Player Be Available For The Steelers?


Every year, I am curious as to which players the Steelers are likely to have on the board when it’s time for them to pick in the first round. And this year, I think I found a unique way to visualize the likelihood that a player will be available to them. So here’s what I did: Using the fan-speak mock draft simulator, I ran the mock 10 times and each time I recorded the players … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Lance Dunbar


  I had an opportunity to speak with Lance Dunbar over the phone today. When I called, Lance was in the middle of a game of ‘Call of Duty’. He wouldn’t say if my call got him killed (in the game) or not, but as a fellow gamer, I assume it did. Anyone who regularly plays ‘Call of Duty’ knows that talking on the phone while playing the game is nearly impossible. Still, Dunbar just … Continue reading

4th and Long: QB Shuffle


There has been a lot of smoke surrounding the QB position in Dallas during the draft process.  With everyone from Jerry himself hanging out with Johnny Football to Wade Wilsons highly visible pro day viewings to Troy Aikman installing fear into Cowboys fans everywhere commenting on Romo’s very famous back it’s safe to say the Cowboys have been keeping the door open much wider then in the past. I’m confident in saying unless there is … Continue reading

Wide Receiver Matchup: Allen Robinson vs Cody Latimer


Via I try to learn from my mistakes so I’m going to hopefully correct a mistake that I made in my first post in this series. I should probably tell you the information in the order in which it is most easily digestible to you. Allen Robinson and Cody Latimer have faced 12 common opponents during their time in college. Here’s a table that breaks down their statistical summaries in those games: *MSYDSWINS is the number of … Continue reading

Want to Hang Out with Cowboys Players on Draft Day?


Then come to the “Strikes for Kids NFL Going Away Draft Party!” Keep reading to find out more.. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this awesome event. Joseph Allen, the founder of Strikes for Kids, kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to fill me in on his organization and the upcoming event in Arlington. Allen started Strikes for Kids about a year and a half ago. His goal was … Continue reading

Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin Have “Number One” Potential


The 2014 NFL draft class is deeper at receiver than it has been in years. There are a handful of wide-outs that won’t (or at least shouldn’t) make it out of the first round, and many more that will be snatched up round two. With names like Sammy Watkins and Odell Beckham Jr. generating a lot of buzz recently, it’s only fair we tip our hats to the big guys. Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin … Continue reading

Is Jordan Matthews Better Than Sammy Watkins?


Via I know that goes against everything you’ve been reading and everything that ESPN has been saying, but let’s just pretend that it’s a possibility.  Hypothetically, if Sammy Watkins isn’t the best receiver in this class, then who is?  One might make a case for Allen Robinson, which I could see.  Probably the most likely contender for the throne is  Mike Evans, which would be totally understandable.  The other guy in the picture would likely … Continue reading