Week 2 FF Review + TB vs ATL Preview


Week 2 may have done the impossible and out-crazied week 1. We were faced with a laundry list of injuries and some HUGE games from the likes of Darren Sproles and Antonio Gates. 2014 is proving to be like no year before it (JJ Watt Touchdown?!), and we’re only two weeks into the season. Let’s take a look back at week 2 and get ourselves ready for week 3. Week 2 Review: Again, we’re going to look … Continue reading

Bears Film Study – Week 2


Michael Crabtree 3 yard TD catch Game situation: 3rd and Goal at the Bears 3 yard line (1st Qtr 12:46 left) Personnel: 11 (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs) Defense: Cover 0 Offensive scheme: Double Slant-Flat (Pick Play) A concept the Bears used a great deal last season near the goal line, the 49ers run the “Pick Play” to the three receiver side of the formation. Before the snap, Crabtree runs a short motion as this helps determine the coverage the Bears secondary is in. … Continue reading

FS Week 2 Fantasy Football Preview


Week 2 is always a good indicator of how your team is going to fare over the course of the season. It’s a crucial game to redeem yourself from the letdown in week 1 and a good way to get an edge on a playoff run by starting 2-0. A lot of fantasy players truly overreact to week 1 results, so the best thing to do is to put it behind you and look forward. … Continue reading

Bears Film Study – Week 1 part 2

Let’s look at the film on the Bears first touchdown to see how Martellus Bennett got so wide open. Game situation: 1st and 10 at the Bills 12 yard line (1st Qtr 11:40 left) Personnel: 12 (1 RB, 2 TEs, 2 WRs) Defense: Cover 1 (Coverage Bust) Offensive scheme: 4 Verticals   The Bears align in a 2×2 formation with Marshall and Jeffrey split to the weak side. On the strong side, Rosario is just off … Continue reading

TW Week 1 Review + PIT vs BAL Preview


With another crazy start to the NFL season officially over, we can now look back at week 1 and, without trying to overreact too much, reflect on all the surprises, upsets, and high/lowlights. Week 1 Review: The best way to showcase the madness in week 1 of the 2014 season is to go over the top players at each position and just soak in how crazy they truly are. If somebody predicted the top-5 guys … Continue reading

Bears Film Study – Week 1


Game situation: 2nd and Goal at the Bears 2 yard line (1st Qtr 6:57 left) Personnel: 11 (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs) Defense: Cover 1 Offensive scheme: Zone Read The Bills employ the Zone Read, a concept the Bears defense has struggled with the past couple years. The Bills lineman will block for an Inside Zone play as they “zone step” to the right and leave the DE (Allen) unblocked. Allen is Manuel’s read defender and his movement will dictate whether he gives … Continue reading

How Does A Quarterback’s Defense Impact His Winning Percentage?


It’s really hard to accurately compare quarterbacks in the NFL, yet we do it all the time. Between their offensive lines, wide receiver, running game, there are just too many variables. Inevitably, we see a lot of flawed lists when trying to determine who’s the best quarterback in the NFL. Take Merril Hodge’s list for example: But in recent weeks, I’ve had discussions with some of my NFL colleagues on the importance of a good … Continue reading

FS Week 1 FF Preview and More


The Thursday Night game is in the books and Sunday is swiftly approaching so let’s not dilly-dally and hop right into the content here. First up, Under/Over-ownership: Things get shaken up pretty drastically in the first few weeks, but there are a few glaring ownership percentages as we head into kickoff Sunday. I believe this list of players will prove they are worth stashing for injuries or bye weeks and deserve a spot on your … Continue reading

What to Expect From Me This Season + GB vs SEA Preview


In a quick update, I will highlight what to expect from me in future articles this fantasy football season. I will attempt to bring you two articles weekly: one on Tuesday/Wednesday (TW) and another on Friday/Saturday (FS). To start with the (TW) articles, expect to see… A review of the previous week’s games Players I recommend trading for Notable news from the previous week Free agent pickups And finally, the Thursday game FF preview And now … Continue reading