Week 4 FF Review + GB vs MIN Preview


Nearly a third of the season of most fantasy leagues has now been completed and you certainly have enough evidence as to how your team stacks up compared to your competition. It may be time for an adjustment, or at least a shaking-up of your lineup. In-season management is crucial for teams off to a rough start, so be sure to be on top of the waiver wire and possible trade opportunities as we approach … Continue reading

Bears Film Study – Week 4

Cobb 18 yard TD catch Game situation: 3rd and 7 at the Bears 18 yard line (2nd Qtr 1:11 left) Personnel: 11 (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs) Defense: Cover 1 Bltiz Offensive scheme: Double Smash-Fade In a crucial third and long situation, the Bears decide to send a delayed blitz with Bostic and play 1-on-1 against the Packers receivers. Lacy fills the lane against Bostic to give Rodgers plenty of time in the pocket, where he targets Cobb on the Fade route between two … Continue reading

Week 4 Fantasy Football Preview


In week 4, we finally get to see some more rookie QB’s take over on pitiful offenses, and I truly believe that both of these will be upgrades to their respective offenses and players like Cordarrelle Patterson, Cecil Shorts, and Allen Robinson will receive stat buffs as a result. Week 4 may spell do or die for your season, so make sure you head into Sunday prepared and good luck tomorrow! Under/Over-ownership: Under-owned: Marvin Jones- … Continue reading

Bears Film Study – Week 3


Mundy 45 yard Interception TD Game situation: 1st and 10 at the Jets 47 yard line (1st Qtr 14:39 left) Personnel: 11 (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs) Defense: Cover 3 Offensive scheme: Fake WR Screen left-RB Screen right On the second play from scrimmage, the Bears produce a takeaway and a score from a terrible pass from Geno Smith. In a 2×2 set, the wide receiver (Kerley) motions inside from a stack alignment. Kerley will run a crossing route before trying to set up … Continue reading

Week 3 FF Review + WAS vs NYG Preview


As the season starts to really set in, we get a good idea of how are various fantasy teams are going to play out, and how are players are going to perform. With that in mind, don’t fret. There are ten games left before playoffs (in most leagues) and time to recover. But if that ship has sailed, then I recommend FanDuel to anyone out there who still wants to play fantasy football. FanDuel is … Continue reading

Week 3 Fantasy Football Preview


With the time remaining between now and the kickoff of Sunday’s week 3 games dwindling down, I will have to keep this article relatively short. So let’s jump right into it and get ourselves ready for week 3. Breakout Alert: In this section I will talk about a few players that I think will out-perform their ranks and projections to have a “breakout” week. Strictly just talking about the upcoming week with these, but here … Continue reading

Should The Steelers Consider Trading For Robert Griffin?


I know what you’re thinking, but before you back out of this article to read something factual, hear me out. The stars have aligned for teams in the NFL in need of a true franchise quarterback. Robert Griffin III goes down with a significant ankle injury, and the capable Kirk Cousins replaces him. Cousins, who has started games in the past due to injuries to RGIII, is building himself quite a pedigree and may be … Continue reading