Want to Hang Out with Cowboys Players on Draft Day?

Then come to the “Strikes for Kids NFL Going Away Draft Party!” Keep reading to find out more.. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this awesome event. Joseph Allen, the founder of Strikes for Kids, kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to fill me in on his organization and the upcoming event in Arlington. Allen started Strikes for Kids about a year and a half ago. His goal was … Continue reading

Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin Have “Number One” Potential


The 2014 NFL draft class is deeper at receiver than it has been in years. There are a handful of wide-outs that won’t (or at least shouldn’t) make it out of the first round, and many more that will be snatched up round two. With names like Sammy Watkins and Odell Beckham Jr. generating a lot of buzz recently, it’s only fair we tip our hats to the big guys. Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin … Continue reading

Is Jordan Matthews Better Than Sammy Watkins?


Via rotoviz.com I know that goes against everything you’ve been reading and everything that ESPN has been saying, but let’s just pretend that it’s a possibility.  Hypothetically, if Sammy Watkins isn’t the best receiver in this class, then who is?  One might make a case for Allen Robinson, which I could see.  Probably the most likely contender for the throne is  Mike Evans, which would be totally understandable.  The other guy in the picture would likely … Continue reading

NFL Mock Draft 2.0


In this Mock Draft, I assume a few possible trade scenarios that may happen, or I think should happen this May. This is my 2nd Mock Draft, my 1st one can be seen here (Click Here) and I will complete one last Mock in May a few days before the Draft. Hopefully get a few of the selections correct. Like every year, there are usually a handful of surprises in the Draft that no one … Continue reading

The Dallas Cowboys Will Draft Tony Romo’s Successor In The 2014 NFL Draft


Tony Romo is the Dallas Cowboys quarterback for at least the next two seasons. But I believe that they will draft his eventual successor in this quarterback class. The Cowboys have tried unsuccessfully to find an eventual replacement before. They were interested in Andy Dalton in 2011 and would’ve drafted him in the second round had he fallen to their pick. They also liked Russell Wilson in the later rounds in 2012 but he went to the Seattle Seahawks in the third round. This is the … Continue reading

Why The Steelers Should Draft Odell Beckham Jr


When I first heard that the Pittsburgh Steelers were heavily interested in wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., it didn’t make a ton of sense to me. Beckham is another sub 6’0 receiver who is very similar to other players on the Steelersroster. I am a huge fan of Beckham’s game, but I wasn’t sure about his fit in Pittsburgh with Ben Roethlisberger and Todd Haley. In case you haven’t heard, The Steelers met with Beckham last Tuesday and then attended his Pro Day … Continue reading

Mid-Offseason: NFL Power Rankings


Most of the big name players during this free agency frenzy have come off the list, and many are with new teams. There are a few names out there remaining such as Chris Johnson and more veterans may be on the move after the Draft. Below is my current Power Ranking for all 32 NFL Teams, when making the list I’m looking at the current rosters, players that may be on the raise this coming … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Overspend on a QB This FF Season


When playing fantasy football, the first question you are asked regarding your team is, “Who is your quarterback?” This question and idea has led to players spending a large percentage of their auction money or high draft picks to secure the “Peyton Manning” of any given year. The league is changing, however, and this year I recommend saving those picks or the extra valuable money and using it elsewhere; on better wide receivers, for instance. … Continue reading

A Dallas Cowboys Postion Need No One Wants To Discuss


There are two basic philosophies that are discussed ad nauseam when it comes to the NFL Draft: Should your team draft for need or for best player available? And you can argue until you are blue in the face as to which strategy is more effective. But I have two different, more elaborate philosophies that I use when it comes to the draft. In the early rounds (rounds 1-3), I want my team to make a position … Continue reading

Jordan’s First Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft


  I’m not sure if any of you have heard of FanSpeak.com, but it’s a pretty cool site that has a draft generator that fans can use to do their own mock drafts. Over the last several days I’ve used their generator for about a dozen of my own mock drafts for the Cowboys. It’s kind of addicting, and the results are always interesting. However, the results of my last mock draft (seen below) were … Continue reading