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Film Room: Cole Beasley


The one area of football I love more than anything else is the chess match that occurs each and every play before the ball is even snapped. I could spend all day charting formations and personnel groupings. Looking at how different teams utilize their running backs, receivers, and tight ends in the passing game has […]

Running Back Explosion Chart


  Welcome. If you are reading this, you are a draft-nerd, just like myself. And if you are reading this, you probably like advanced stats and metrics. Today, I am going to show you an explosion chart that I’ve worked on in preparation for the NFL Combine. In short, this chart takes in account a […]

Tony Romo’s Defenses In His Career


Football is the ultimate team game. We all know this. It takes 11 players working together at one time to accomplish a goal. Yet, we don’t judge our quarterbacks this way. We judge them by “QB Wins” and only give them credit when they win playoff games and championships. But that’s not necessarily fair to […]

Cowboys Re-Sign Davon Coleman


According to Brandon George, the Cowboys have re-signed free agents Davon Coleman and Cameron Lawrence. Coleman was an un-drafted free agent out of Arizona State who saw playing time earlier in the year with the Cowboys. Coleman played 53 snaps for the Cowboys in 2014, playing at both the one and three technique. Coleman did […]

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